Custom Molded Tanks

Custom Molded Tanks


Tank-Mart specializes in custom rotationally molded tanks and parts. We manufacture our customer’s custom plastic tanks and products in various shapes, sizes, colors and even use complex materials to meet their specific design and functionality requirements. The rotational molding process is very simple and is an effective way to meet a variety of requirements at a lower cost than other plastic fabrication processes.


What is Custom Rotational Molding?

Custom Rotational molding is a cost effective way of producing hollow plastics parts such as water tanks, plastic tanks, storage tanks, septic tanks, and holding tanks. By using a variety of materials it allow us to meet a variety of structural requirements. Send us your drawings today or call us toll free 800-211-7998 with any questions you may have.

The 5 main states of Rotational Molding:


  1. Load
    Plastic resin powder that has been pre-weighed to meet the specifications of the plastic tank or product and is loaded into the mold cavity and then securely closed.
  2. Bake
    The mold then moves from the loading station into the heating station and rotates both on the horizontal and vertical axis. The mold is heated to the specified temperature required.  The plastic resin powder liquefies uniformly covering the inner lining of the mold creating the plastic tank or part
  3. Cool
    Once the heating state is complete the mold moves to the cooling system. The mold is cooled for a predetermined set time to cure the tank or product in the mold.
  4. Release
    Once the cooling stage is complete the product is removed from the mold and process is repeated.
  5. Finalize
    Once the product has been produced, it is then trimmed, routed, and processed in order to obtain the finished product.


Custom Molded Tanks

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